Computer Science course notes - Documentation, resources, projects and lecture notes on the courses I attended at Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science.


22 November 2023
Circumventing firewalls with HTTPS traffic How to wrap an SSH SOCKS5 proxy in HTTPS traffic

20 November 2020
Docker Quickstart

26 May 2020
SCP through SSH Running SCP through SSH

17 February 2020
Use Jupyter inside a virtual env

11 December 2019
Restore deleted Telegram messages, medias and files from groups

11 December 2019
Remove git-lfs Disabling git-lfs and re-pushing everything with plain git

27 October 2016
Web scraping with AutoHotKey Iterating DOM classes without a proper web scraper. Because, reasons?

27 October 2016
PunkBuster error - ‘The extract file failed an authenticity check’ Forcing the install and manually registering the Windows services


01 October 2021
Linux on Thinkpad P14s Gen 2 Does it work? How’s Debian on it?

20 December 2018
Debian Sid logbook Letting Sid break things

11 September 2018
Allow only SFTP and chroot user

10 September 2018
Commands cheatsheet

09 September 2018
Restore GRUB

08 September 2018
Package software for Debian

07 September 2018
Chromium: Google Hangouts screensharing not working

06 September 2018
Tracking configuration files

05 September 2018
chsh: PAM authentication failed

03 September 2018
Android Virtual Device - not starting with hardware acceleration

02 September 2018
KDE Plasma things

01 September 2018
Steam: Source-based games not starting

28 August 2018
Debian: mixing repositories

19 March 2017
Play DRM content on Chromium You need the widevine plugin, which ships with Chrome and Firefox by default but isn’t available for Chromium.

01 November 2016
Quickly set up a LISP IDE with Emacs SLIME with SBCL and some configuration on .emacs