Yesterday I was working on a AutoHotKey project and was wondering if It was possible to automate the extraction of the age from a facebook profile without making use of API or Facebook Graph.

This applies to whatever value you can’t (or you don’t want) obtain through official APIs.

    IE := ComObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application")
    IE.Visible := True
        DOB := ""
            Elements := IE.document.getElementsByClassName("_50f3")
            Loop, % Elements.Length
                ;if Elements[A_Index-1].innerText ~= "^Born on"
                ;    NAME := Elements[A_Index-1].innerText
                if Elements[A_Index-1].innerText ~= "^Born on"
                    DOB := Elements[A_Index-1].innerText
                    FileAppend, >>> %DOB% `n, CONOUT$
            Sleep, 100
        Until DOB
        StringTrimLeft, OutputVar, % DOB, 18